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Bauerova 15
Zagreb 10000

P: +385 1 3751252

About MANU

Lil' Ledy is a character based lifestyle brand encouraging women to be whatever they want to be. Do whatever they want to do. Make their own decisions, follow their own dreams and rules. You don't need to live up to anybody else's expectations but your own. Lil’ Ledy isn‘t one defined character, she’s a lifestyle icon, a trusted friend making you feel great about yourself. Defy laws of society and go your own way. It‘s all about taking on the right attitude, accepting yourself with all your strengths and little flaws. NOT PERFECT, JUST SPECIAL!
Brands (3)
  • De Frin
  • Imperfect Creatures
  • Lil' Ledy
Product Categories (3)
  • Art & Design > Surface Design
  • Brands & Agents > Fashion/Apparel
  • Character & Entertainment > Character/Animation